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New Leadership for the Littlefish Project

The Littlefish project is announcing a change in project leadership from Chris Fraser to Nicolas Pettiaux

“Eric Raymond states in the Cathedral and the Bazaar: “When you lose interest in a program, your last duty to it is to hand it off to a competent successor. Well I haven’t lost interest but due to pressing personal family issues, it is time to pass the project on to a competent successor.”

Details of Pettiaux’s considerable involvement in open source software follows.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I can officially announce that Mr. Nicolas Pettiaux has agreed to take over the leadership of the Littlefish Health Project. His email
is nicolas.pettiaux@linuxbe.org

Nicolas has solid open source credentials including:

  • Vice-presidency of the French speaking AFUL (www.aful.org), French speaking association of open source and Linux users. Organizer of Open source conferences with Eric Raymond – http://conf.linuxbe.org,
  • A representative of Eurolinux, to lobby politicians, journalists and fellow citizen about the risk of software patents and promote the use of open source in government http://petition.eurolinux.org)
  • Promoter of the use of open source softwares in public schools in
    Belgium (not
    yet documented in any site)…

  • Actively lobbies the EU to adopt fund open source

  • As assitant at the Free University of Brussels Fauclty of
    has worked in signal analysis (ECG, ballistocardiography,
    health image processing and 3D reconstruction.
    Nicolas has a PhD in theoretical physics and a complementary
    business education.

    Finally, Nicolas’s wife is a cardiologist that has much interest
    in using a
    software like Littlefish. He is also the happy father of 2
    Jason (6)
    and Lucie (4).
    Under Nicolas’s leadership , the links that Littlefish has
    the Good
    Electronic Health Record
    and members of the Open Source
    Health Care Alliance
    , I am reassured that
    the project
    will continue to grow and become available for health services
    improve the health of the global community.

    The Littlefish Trademark will ensure that the project will always
    open source and Pangaea & Microshare will continue to provide the
    webserver to
    sponsor The Littlefish Health Project.

    Chris Fraser


    November 2000