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Knowledge Management Aplication Released as Open Source

“3rd Millenium,Inc.”:http://www.3rdmill.com a life sciences informatics consulting company, has released it’s Knowledge Management System for licensing under the GPL. More of the announcement is within.

The company designs custom informatics solutions for customers during consulting engagements.

The company is founded and run by experienced life science and computer science professionals. Our technical staff of Ph.D. level scientists with expertise in biology, bioinformatics or related fields, and high level software engineers with domain experience work on tightly integrated teams to create informatics systems that meet the scientific needs of our customers.

3rd Millennium has decided to make much of the software we have developed available for free download and as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The first such system we have released is our Data Centric Knowledge Management System for Biotech and Pharmaceutical R&D. “Click here”:http://www.3rdmill.com/initiatives/downloadsKMS.htm to download or find out more about this system.

Other categories of software the company plans to release include laboratory information management systems (LIMS), workflow systems, and analysis pipelines.