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PR: Large Hospitals, Small Practitioners Benefit from Free Service

Medical practitioners and facilities are finding a valuable time-saving tool in Transcription Match, a free database found at MedicalTranscription.com. The service uses MySQL a popular free/open source database software. Launched in May, Transcription Match has sent 175 company reports to physicians and facilities to date. Transcription companies must meet pre-qualifying experience goals in order to participate in Transcription Match. CEO Melinda Decker explains: “Our listings vary tremendously. We’ve got individual transcriptionists, which some physicians prefer, listed alongside large corporations such as Medquist.”

The online database of transcription providers levels the playing field for the small service or independent medical transcriptionist. “We’re finding our inquiries are coming from medical practitioners of all shapes and sizes,” says Decker “They’re coming from large hospital corporations as well as from sole practitioners. Some of our inquirers are very tech savvy, some are still using analog tapes that require pickup and delivery. All of them are seeking HIPAA compliance.”

When a large university medical center in Texas was recently seeking an additional outsourcer for their medical transcription, they went to MedicalTranscription.com and initiated a “Transcription Match” search. A regional cancer center in Ohio used the same search to securely replace their existing in-house set-up which they felt was no longer efficient. A hospital in coastal Massachusetts used “Transcription Match” to locate a medical transcription service that could integrate their product directly into the existing electronic medical records systems on site. A North Carolina internist wanted to find a transcription service that would assist him in moving toward an EMR system in the future, while providing HIPAA compliant services for him in the present.

Informatics-type strategies are also utilized. VP of Information Technology John Nistad states, “The inquiries we receive are beneficial in determining the trends of our industry. Statistical (but not identifying) inquiry data is shared with all services listed on MedicalTranscription.com, to enable them to adjust their offering as the market dictates. In addition to being out there, our listing companies are learning more about the needs of their clients and as a result, can provide better service.”

Utilizing the free Transcription Match enables the medical facility to locate the service that can meet their needs based on specialty, volume, dictation technology, MIS integration, EMR capabilities and much more. Physicians and medical practices can also find information about electronic medical records, ASP services and more.

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