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RFC: Journal of Open Source Medical Software

Updated: 5/8/01 The journal is a reality at: www.josmc.org. This is a Request For Comment (RFC) article on beginning a Journal for open source medical stuff. This will be a scholarly journal about open source medical software development and similar topics. I’m tentatively calling it as above in the title, but if anyone has a suggestion, I’m willing to entertain it. Please let your views be known below. If you’d like to be on the editorial board, please e-mail with subject line: Editorial board, then in the body: Name, Occupation, relevant Editing/Writing experience and CV.

Online Medical Record Provider PersonalMD.com

Frequent contributor to LinuxMedNews Captain Fantastic, also known as Jim Intriglia of www.jimintriglia.com discovered PersonalMD.com which is a site that stores and manages medical records for both patients and physicians. According to the site, it:

…empowers you to make informed medical decisions and manage your medical records and lab results in one convenient, secure site that you, or any physician you authorize, can access from anywhere in the world.

I signed myself up as a patient which was simple and free. An intriguing approach to security is that when anyone accesses your record, you are sent a message. Emergency access is available for health-care professionals and you can have a customized personal page for health information.