Newsforge: Taking Linux To the Doctor With…

NewsForge has an interview with my Clark Kent side. Newsforge reporter Julie Bresnick worked very hard at making sense of my verbosity. I think it is an excellent summary of my personal views of medical open source: ‘…I always looked at clinical computing software for my dad. And I actually did some things in his office that were, of course, miserable failures,” laughs Valdes, tracing his path with the benefit of hindsight, “and I had the ‘greed is good’ mentality for a while. I thought, we’ll make this great clinical computing software and sell it to these dumb doctors and make a jillion dollars. Well, there’s a counter, somewhere in the world, of how many people have that idea and pursue it and fail…I’m not strictly opposed to greed but it’s not served medicine well at all. Right now the landscape for medical computing software is one of great fragmentation…’

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