Medical Volunteer Staff Scheduling?

Simon Britnell wrote in with this question:

I’m a volunteer for a non-profit medical organization.
One of our biggest problems is volunteer staff scheduling. Event organisers
contact St John (hopefully more than a week) before the event and our
coordinators start the process of ringing and emailing around our volunteers
to get people to cover the event. It’s a big job and subject to many
mistakes. To relieve the workload and reduce mistakes, I’m writing a system
which uses a web interface and an email bot to manage event coverage. We
don’t run a roster because the workload is erratic, we’d end up with people
“rostered on” when there’s nothing to do and not enough staff rostered when
the workload was heavy. Do you know of other medical orgs with similar
problems? I am 75% through the development process and would be interested
in getting the design reviewed for broader applicability.

How about it LinuxMedNews readers? Any suggestions?

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