Successful GT.M VistA Installation

Todd Smith: has written to several lists about being: ‘…successful in installing GT.M and the GT.M port of Vista on my P166MMX Laptop, 64MB RAM and 3GB HD…’ This is an important event since the Veterans Administration VistA project is a huge code base with which to build EMR’s upon and it is public domain. Installation instructions are within.


I am cross-posting these instructions to several lists that might not have seen them. If you have, please hit DELETE or forward to someone that needs them. NOTE These instructions were originally posted by that paragon of virtue, Mike Baker on the Hardhats list and he holds ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and no responsibility for destroying your system through this instructions.

I was successful in installing GT.M and the GT.M port of Vista on my P166MMX Laptop, 64MB RAM and 3GB HD. Thanks Mike for the hard work!

Mike Baker’s Setup Instructions
To setup GT.M on my RedHat Linux 7.2 system here is what I did:

1. Log in to Linux box as a normal user.
2. Make a directory for the downloaded files:
A. mkdir gtm
3. Download GT.M from into the gtm directory you just
A. I selected the gtm_V43FT06_linux_pro.tar.gz file.
4. Change directory to ~/gtm
A. cd ~/gtm
5. Gunzip the file to extract the tar file.
A. gunzip gtm_V43FT06_linux_pro.tar.gz
6. Extract the files from the archive:
A. tar xovf gtm_V43FT06_linux_pro.tar
7. Become the super user.
A. su
8. Create a link to the ncurses library that is installed with RH Linux from
the ncurses libary that is used by the GT.M configure script.
A. ln -s /usr/lib/ usr/lib/
9. Run the configure script from the gtm directory
A. sh configure
B. I just accepted the defaults where available.
C. I selected /usr/local/gtm as the directory for install.
10. Make a directory for the logs:
A. cd /usr/local/gtm
B. mkdir logs
C. chmod 777 logs
1. This is probably too many privs for this.
11. Exit superuser
12. Edit .bash_profile to setup the environment varibles when you log in:
A. cd ~
B. pico .bash_profile
1. I added the following to my .bash_profile
export gtm_dist
gtmroutines=”. $gtm_dist /gtm_vista/r”
export gtmroutines
export gtmgbldir
export PATH
2. Yours could look different: I have added a directory
called gtm_vista
that contains subdirectories for routines,(r), and
13. You should now be able to log out and log in and run:
A. mumps -direct to get a mumps > prompt.

14. This is how I got the VistA stuff running on this system:

15. Download the global and routine files at:
16. Create a directory for the Vista stuff.
A. su
B. cd /
C. mkdir gtm_vista
D. chmod 777 gtm_vista
1. Again these privs are much too lenient I’m sure.
E. exit ; su
E. cd /gtm_vista
F. mkdir g
G. cd g
H. mv ~/
I. unzip
J. cd ..
K. mv ~/
L. unzip
17. Now run:
A. mumps -r GDE
B. At the GDE prompt type:
1. change -s DEFAULT -f=/gtm_vista/g/mumps.dat
2. exit
C. Now type:
1. mupip create && dse change -f -key_max=255 -rec=4096
b 2. mupip load /gtm_vista/g/globals.zwr
D. I got these instructions from the Readme file when I downloaded
routines and globals. I modified slightly to make it work for me
it seems that this also works ok.

19. Now I went into the mumps system:
A. mumps -direct
B. S DUZ=1
1. EVE
3. ADD
4. Set yourself up as a user.
5. Give yourself the EVE Menu.
6. Give yourself an access and verify code.
7. Make sure you give yourself a SERVICE/SECTION
8. exit
9. Answer yes to allocating keys
a. Give yourself:
20. Now go to programmer mode through the options:
C. Sign in using your access code
D. Hit return until you are back at a programmer prompt.
E. W DUZ – This is your DUZ
F. S $P(^VA(200,DUZ,0),”^”,4)=”@”

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