Truly Revolutionary

Gordon Moore, MD is doing what many think is impossible: going without staff, without answering service, in one 150 square feet room. He also delivers superior care and can make more money seeing 12 patients a day than his previous 25-30 in one day at a conventional large practice. Unbelievable? Read this AAFP article to see just how he is doing this: ‘…To provide more reliable care, simply trying harder and reading more articles isn’t going to cut it. Instead, we must begin to embrace information systems that can support our clinical efforts, whether they be electronic medical records, computerized care reminders, online clinical resources, etc…With very low overhead, I don’t need to see hordes of patients each day to make ends meet. Seeing fewer patients, I don’t get that many phone calls. Because I use an electronic medical record and practice management system, making referrals, refilling prescriptions and all those little tasks have become much easier as well. Thanks to Alexander Caldwell for this link.

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