SQLClinic Releases Version 2.1

‘We are pleased to announce that SQL Clinic Version 2.1 – Stable is available for download. Unix and Win32 versions can be downloaded at “www.sqlclinic.net/pub/”:http://www.sqlclinic.net/pub/ Bug Fixes and Enhancements are listed…’ Full announcement is within.

Season’s Greetings From Your SQL Clinic Development Team!

We are pleased to announce that SQL Clinic Version 2.1 – Stable is
available for download. Unix and Win32 versions can be downloaded
at www.sqlclinic.net/pub/

Bug Fixes and Enhancements are listed below. From the Change Log:

– 2.1.0 Beta Released (18 December 2003)

* Numerous Broken Links in Menuing System Fixed (Thomas and Patrick)

* Support for JavaScript ondblClick() added to menu items (Eric)

* Agency scripts reworked to eliminate personnel_email table bug
(fixed duplicate display of email addresses in staff directory) (Thomas)

* clinic.lib replaced with SQLClinic.pm and fully qualified subroutine
calls in all scripts, allowing programmers easier access to SQL Clinic
API (requiring namespace in all sub calls prevents variables and
local subroutines being clobbered by main library) (Thomas)

* ISO Date Style now mandatory (for HIPAA compliance and to eliminate
errors for users of MySQL which inputs a dash delimited string of zeroes
if non-ISO dates are entered — as a side effect this also simplifies
coding Oracle queries) (Thomas and Eric)

* sexual_identity fields added to patient demographics/face sheet (Thomas)

* Chart Deficiency Report (Thomas and John)

* Family Based (Children and Adolescents) Module (Eric)

* Functional Assessment linked to Treatment Plans and Progress Notes
(iframe now appears, displaying any areas tagged Needs Immediate Assistance)
(Thomas and Ben)

* Medicaid Skills resequenced (i.e. AT = 1000, DLS = 4000, etc.) to facilitate
eventual move to a flexible architecture for all scripts using these data.

* Keyword regular expression search function rewritten to respect word boundaries,
to eliminate false positives. (Thomas)

– 2.1.0 Stable Released (24 December 2003)

* Error in user guide (chapter2i.html) corrected (John)

– 2.2.0 Proposed Changes (24 December 2003)

* Link to active patient caseload on main menu (idea by David Pool)
revamp all related scripts…add links to all scripts (so clinicians
can access their caseload from any screen).

* Roll out favicon.ico (add to html and SQLClinic.pm)

* Additional reports on patient demographics (idea by Ben Geboe)

* revamp ls3 and statistical worksheets to remove Date::Calc dependency

* Spell Checker HOWTO for Firebird users (embed xpi scripts in /spellcheck
and/or make available at sqlclinic.net)

– 2.3.0 Proposed Changes (24 December 2003)

* Integrate SQL Ledger 2.2 accounting package

* Integrate SQL HIPAA 1.0 billing module

* Begin planning SQL Clinic 3.0 changes…

Enjoy the Holidays and Thank You For Supporting SQL Clinic!


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