FreeMED packaging problem

The FreeMED Project is about to release some signifigant improvements to FreeMED. The recent split of Fedora and Redhat Enterprise Linux has resulted in quite a conundrum for us. What platform should we target support for? We are already commited to supporting Debian (and that is a lot more important now) and we have considered supporting Windows with MySQL and Apache installed. What platforms/distributions would the LMN community suggest that we support?
Fred Trotter

FreeMED is a php based application and relies on a broad spectrum of the functionality of the language. This means that we need to have a healthy version of the code, which Redhat Linux 9.0 does not offer as an rpm. Both Fedora 1.0 and RHEL 3.0 support the correct versions of php, as well as Apache 2. Apache 2 allows us to use the modular configuration file option. Between the two improvments we now have the option to build packages for each system. But we are wondering if it is worth the effort.
What platforms would you prefer?

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