Computer Associates to OS Ingres

In a move to bolster corporate uptake and support for open source Computer Associates, Inc. will open source its Ingres Relational Database. It also announced collaborations with “JBoss,Inc”: and “Zope Corp.”: CA has also made a strong commitment to work closely with the newly formed “Plone Foundation”: and announced their BrightStor Document Manager based on Plone.

 From the “press release”:

CAWORLD, LAS VEGAS, May 24, 2004 � Re-asserting its commitment to open source, Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA) today outlined its strategy to deliver high-value solutions to corporate customers seeking to take full advantage of open source technologies. CA unveiled the open sourcing of CA�s Ingres Enterprise Relational Database and Kernel Generalized Event Management (KGEM), introduced BrightStor Document Manager that incorporates the open source Plone document management engine, and announced collaborations with JBoss, Inc. and Zope Corporation.

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