David Brailer at HIMSS

Here is the text of the speech by David Brailer, MD PhD National Coordinator for Health Information Technology given February 17th, 2005 at the HIMSS conference in Dallas, Texas: ‘…This year, we will release a complete Strategic Plan, as called for in the President�s Executive Order. This will build upon the Framework for Strategic Action by providing detailed plans and critical steps for who, how, and what will be required to implement the President�s vision. This Strategic Plan will be a guide for key stakeholders in the private and public sectors. In the short term, we are focusing our efforts on the building blocks of EHR adoption, interoperability and streamlined Federal health information systems. We have prioritized these building blocks because they enable the private sector institutions and public organizations that foster a market-based solution, and because they are foundational for downstream efforts like personal health records and state-of-the-art biosurveillance…

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