Pharmaceutical Services Company Goes Linux

Newsforge has an article on a pharmaceutical services company that has gone to Linux: ‘…When Siler looked at the potential financial impact and the eight-month timeline involved in setting up and getting trained with Oracle or another big company and compared it with the 60-day setup and greatly reduced license fees associated with Gluecode’s product running on Red Hat Linux, he was easily able to convince his superiors that open source was the way to go.

“There was no resistance, because once we did a cost-benefit analysis, the numbers really spoke for themselves,” Siler says. “Looking at the ROI numbers, with Gluecode and Linux we had a 19.5-month ROI. If we’d went with the other products, the ROI was 28.25 months. It really made fiscal sense to go with this tool, seeing that we were going to get exactly what we needed in order to provide the solution the customers wanted.”

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