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JAMA: CPOE Facilitates Medication Errors

JAMA has a research article on how TDS, a closed-source Eclypsis Computerized Physician Order Entry system (CPOE), facilitated some types of medication prescribing errors. Unknown is how this one product compares to other products of the same kind, whether proprietary or free and open source. Medical informaticist and Linux Medical News contributor Scot Silverstein has posted a response to the JAMA article. Thanks to J. Antas blog for these links.

Switching to Open Source and Smart,Thin Clients

Interesting article in the March 10th issue of Enterprise Linux News about a medical center moving from proprietary systems to open source. Here is a link to the article. ‘…”I felt trapped by [Microsoft’s] design decisions,” he said. Unfortunately, Nath ran into a roadblock. “I wanted to move to a non-Microsoft environment, but I found that our EMR product was not cross-platform and only worked on Microsoft platforms,” he said. Extensive research followed. Nath quickly settled on the Fedora Core 3 operating system for his single-server operation. Then, he looked at a number of free EMR products, including FreeMED, Gnumed, SQL Clinic, VistA and OpenEMR. OpenEMR best fit CT NeuroCare’s needs, Nath determined. It’s a free, open source practice management EMR program for patient scheduling and demographics, as well as for prescription writing and delivery via e-mail or print. Bundled into OpenEMR is phpMyAdmin, a reporting and MySQL administration tool…’ Editor: This could be the first time I’ve seen the above free open source electronic medical record projects all mentioned in the same article outside of Linux Medical News. Progress!

Updated Wheeler on Open Source: Look at the Numbers!

David Wheeler has recently updated his article on Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS)? Look at the Numbers! The article has use data for GNU/Linux in general as well as the Apache web server software in particular which continues to far exceed any other vendors market share including Microsoft. Many other metrics are also included in this quantitative paper. Linux Medical News first reported on this article in July 2001. Thanks to J. Antas blog for the link to the update.

HIO: The Health IT Sharing Project

J. Antas blog reports: ‘…Healthcare Informatics Online magazine has an article by Peter Groen (director of the Veterans Health Administration’s Health IT Sharing program), were he talks about the Health IT Sharing Program, a four phase program to improve collaboration among healthcare organizations. In that author’s perspective that plan could be an effective means to pool resources to work on Health Information Systems (HIS) and develop mutually beneficial initiatives that, most likely, neither organization could accomplish on its own.’

FTC Takes Medical Billers Network to Court

I said I would not publish another story on Medical Billers Network because it is off the topic of Free and Open Source medical software/electronic medical records. However, countless people have written to this website about being taken by MedicalBillersNetwork. A Yahoo discussion group has been started for people who believe they have been victimized by MBN. Well, perhaps the alleged victims day has finally come: the Federal Trade Commission is taking MedicalBillersNetwork to court.

VistA Office EHR Deployments

Modern Physician (intrusive registration required) has an extensive article on VistA office electronic medical/health record deployments: ‘…VistA, which comprises more than 100 modules from radiology archiving to physician-order entry, is available from the VA for about $47 in copying costs under the Freedom of Information Act. Vista-Office EHR also will be available at little to no costs under FOIA, according to government officials. Who will distribute the final versions of the Vista-Office EHR software is unresolved, however, Wark said…’

12th Annual VistA Community Meeting

Joseph Dal Molin writes: ‘Registration is now open for the WorldVistA community meeting….either follow the link at home page or go directly to the registration page by following
this link

Looking forward to meeting everyone at what promises to be another very
successful meeting.’ Per the website, The meeting will be held in Boston, Massachusetts April 7th to 10th, 2005. The conference will offer VistA tutorials, OpenVistA installs on laptops, OpenVistA programming projects, and setting WorldVistA’s strategy for 2005. Editor’s Note: VistA is a public domain electronic medical record developed by the Veterans Administration and is being privatized by numerous groups.

Linux Medical News Google Ads

As you can see from the banner above and to the side, Linux Medical News and the Journal of Open Source Medical Computing (JOSMC) now carry Google Ads that are targeted to this websites content. Linux Medical News does not control what ads are displayed. GoogleAds decides what ads are relevant to this site by an algorithm. Clicking through on an ad results in a micropayment to Linux Medical News for carrying the ad. (Dear Reader Hint: clicking through on ads helps Linux Medical News generate revenue to keep the site growing and improving). I have seen a few ads for closed source medical software displayed on this site through GoogleAds. LinuxMedNews readers may find this a contradiction. So what do you think readers? Is carrying ads for closed-source medical software on a free and open source medical software news site a problem? You decide.

Free HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Software

I. What is FreeHIPAA?

FreeHIPAA is a best of breed Internet application that was built with the goal
of providing a secure, quick, reliable and simple means to generate and transfer
HIPAA compliant claim files.
FreeHIPAA uses the most pervasive and time tested web technology today to
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