AMA News: Open Source a ‘New’ Pitch for EMRs, New Granting Foundations

AMA-News has an article on Free/Open Source EMR’s. This article has good information and overview, but is condescending in tone and contains inaccuracies such as: ‘There’s a new pitch for selling electronic medical records software’ The article mentions VistA, Medsphere, OpenEMR and TORCH as well as quotes from physicians using the software. There is also this: ‘…The ranks of open-source EMRs could soon grow by at least one as two foundations created by the settlements of physician class-action lawsuits against Aetna and CIGNA Corp. — Physicians’ Foundation for Health Systems Excellence and Physicians’ Foundation for Health Systems Innovations — are planning to develop and market an open-source EMR to physicians around the country…’ which is news to me. These new organizations are distributing grants, but the first round for submissions was March 1, 2005.

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