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Editor’s Note: Download available here, screenshots here, more technical information here. PHOENIX, A.Z. — May 16, 2005 — Uversa today announced the release of ClearHealth 1.0 Release Candidate 1 at the TEPR 2005 conference.
ClearHealth now brings to the medical market the first open source
package to include the big five features. Covering the five major area
of practice operations including scheduling, billing, EMR, HIPAA
Security and Medical Accounts Receivable it is suitable for running
practices from end to end.

While it has previously been possible to use open source to run a
medical practice it required several distinct and often immature
systems, ClearHealth now offers all of the needed features in one
integrated system.
Now Medical practices from a few doctors to
multi-facility institutional settings can operate on 100% open source.
Conference attendees were able to get a preview of the complete feature
set and the flexible options that enable true Electronic Medical Record
(EMR) implementation using open standards and formats.

With Uversa’s recent hiring of Fred Trotter, creator of the open source
FreeB billing system and prolific medical open source developer, Uversa
has positioned itself as the leader in this market with the proof of
that position in this latest release. ClearHealth has multiple
next-generation features that distinguish it from any other Open Source
offering and many commercial ones as well. By bundling the the FreeB 2.0
billing system practices are afforded unprecedented control of the
billing process and have a flexible set of options to selectively use
clearing houses or direct to payer billing as they see fit.

With the constant downward pressure on payer fee schedules FreeB makes
it possible to maximize turn around time, maximize quality of claims and
to avoid the per transaction fees found across the industry. The smartly
engineered FreeB 2.0 has groundbreaking features that dramatically
improve the claims process including complete revision control,
integration with a variety of data sources from other EMR systems or
external datasets and a self-service capability for end users to make
format updates without vendor intervention.

ClearHealth is making its mark as a truly extensible EMR system with its
EMR Extensions capabilities. By empowering clinicians and providers to
easily create and extend data entry screens without programming, EMR
Extensions add a level of value to not found elsewhere and ultimately
serves to improve patient care. With EMR usage doubling between 2003 and
2004 it is clear the providers across many specialties are beginning to
understand the importance and value that digitizing clinical information
offers. With its EMR Extensions feature set ClearHealth has taken the
forefront as a long term strategy that can quickly and cost-effectively
evolve with the various regulatory and best practice changes as they
occur over the next several years.

Uversa offers installation, custom development and commercial support
for the ClearHealth suite under its ClearHealth Advantage brand, as well
as on-site training and proficiency certification tracts at its Phoenix
offices. Subscriptions to the ClearHealth Advantage Training website and
pre-orders for the upcoming ClearHealth book are also available.
Committed to an open development process and to fostering community
Uversa is proud to deliver commercial quality software to the Open
Source sphere. More information about ClearHealth can be found at or you can call Uversa for information and
sales directly, toll free, at 1-877-UVERSA8.


About Uversa

Uversa is a technology company founded on the idea that regardless of
technical prowess, innovation and ingenuity, customer service is the
true differentiator. There are many technically proficient companies and
many companies that deliver good service, there are very few that offer
both. Uversa is a leading developer of Open Source software with more
than a dozen public projects across Healthcare, Accounting, Enterprise
Resource Planning and more. Extensive support and Uversa’s extensive
Advantage support and training programs. Offering an uncommon
zealousness to customer service Uversa maintains long term relationships
with it’s customer and delivers leading software across many market
segments. For more information about Uversa, visit

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