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Operation Samahan using ClearHealth

Operation Samahan a long-time user of ClearHealth, has been written up at Linux.com. From the article:

“We were able to cope with all the standard changes in billing really easily,” Bringas recalls. “In the meantime, we had all these complaints from other clinics, who were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, we haven’t gotten paid in six months because our [software] vendors are very slow in keeping up with these changes.’ We were so glad that we got out of that system.”

ClearHealth Announces PHPable VistA

ClearHealth had a number of major announcements at TEPR detailed here (PDF), including HealthCloud, compatibility with GoogleHealth and being a Mirth reseller. One of these, according to Fred Trotter’s post on the Hardhats list, ClearHealth announced at TEPR that they have cross-compiled the VistA MUMPS code into PHP and have it running in Beta in a hospital: “…Apparently the strategy is to compile the MUMPS code to C, run it
through some extensive processing, and then it becomes available in a
fashion that can be called from php…”

Dr. iPhone, I presume? ZDNet covers ClearHealth on the iPhone

Dana Blankenhorn over at ZDNet interviewed myself and one of our customers regarding their use of ClearHealth on the iPhone. Let’s see how long it takes the proprietary guys to get in the game. See the article at http://healthcare.zdnet.com/?p=922. We need to update our downloads in the forum with the latest release which should happen later this week. If you have AppTapp you can download the software from (iPhone Required): http://demo.clear-health.com/apptap

ClearHealth on iPhone Announced

According to this announcement, the ClearHealth practice management system may be available on the iPhone: ‘It is with great pleasure that I announce the first release of ClearHealth for the iPhone. This native iPhone application allows a provider to connect to your clearhealth installation and view schedules, select/search patients, and view lab results. This is an ALPHA quality release and there are several known issues detailed below. We would love to have feedback on the general structure of the application, installation deployment problems, feature requests, etc. Please report these in the forum or on this thread.

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Uversa opens new testing service

Uversa has recently opened a testing tool (with a very punny name) limtus test. The system is designed to help provide a way for ClearHealth community members to contribute to the testing of releases in a systematic way.
This is really smart and should take the code quality of ClearHealth to another level. I think they are the first EHR project to do this. The tool seems to be integrated with the Mantis bug tracking tool. Editor: according to Uversa’s David Uhlman: “The tool mentioned is a rewrite of the Mozilla foundations excellent Litmus test tool (http://litmus.mozilla.org/) in PHP. They deserve all the credit for the tool, we are just using it. The code is under the GPL of course and available to anyone who wants it.”

Fred Trotter

ClearHealth training course summer dates are filling up quickly

Uversa is offering the following training dates for our ClearHealth comprehensive course at our Phoenix offices throughout the summer: June 14-16, July 12-14, and August 16-18. Only one slot remains for open for the June dates and a handful for June & July. LMN readers receive a 10% discount. Designed for users of all levels, the three-day course covers the ClearHealth calendar, patient demographics and EMR, billing, and reporting. As part of the course Uversa helps users input their own practices data for a fully functional ClearHealth install, no matter what a person’s experience level with the product. At the end of the training session you can walk away with a functioning ClearHealth installation. ClearHealth is capable of being used in practices large and small, the same goes for our training, we are happy to tailor it to the specific needs of the participants. For more information or to purchase training you can call us at 1-877-UVERSA8 or visit our website.

ClearHealth RC2 Released

After a long testing and packaging cycle RC2 is finally available. This release is has numerous fixes, enhancements and entirerly new features. Things to highlight are the comprehensive billing support (CA Medicare and CA Medicaid tested/certified), graphical installer and performance improvements. You can download RC2 from the main page on http://www.op-en.org or read more release details in the body of this post.

After a long testing and packaging cycle RC2 is finally available. This release is has numerous fixes, enhancements and entirerly new features. Below is a brief list of these as well as a link to the complete revision log.

*100’s of bug and issue fixes
* FreeB2 CA Medicare Testing Certification
* HCFA Improvements
* Reporting System Improvements
* Graphical Installer
* Multi-language support including initial translations in portugese, finnish, and german
* Document storage fixes and enhancements
* Many performance improvements, especially on the calendar and auto-complete boxes
*Much more…

The complete log is available from: 1.0 RC2 Changelog

You can download RC2 from the main page on http://www.op-en.org or read main release notes by clicking more below.