Project Consoliation Results

Earlier, the ClearHealth Project released a consolidation proposal with the other PHP based EHR systems. The results in short: FreeMED said no, and OpenEMR said “lets see”. The openEMR community has decided to use the integration of the new FreeB codebase into openEMR as a test case to see if Uversa and the openEMR community can work together. As a result Uversa has put the standalone release of FreeB on the fasttrack, and we will be making an annoucement regarding its release soon.

Interestingly, as the result of this proposal, two other PHP codebases that have not yet been publically released under the GPL have come forward, and are considering working with ClearHealth. As a result this proposal will result in less duplicated effort. I consider the proposal a success.

Fred Trotter

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