FreeB2 Standalone Released

Uversa has just released the standalone version of FreeB. To download go to the FreeB page and click snapshot. FreeB is the worlds first GPL Medical Billing engine. FreeB supports X12 837p and CMS(HCFA) 1500 formats. FreeB is a standalone engine, it can interface with any practice management system or EMR to provide medical billing capabilities to that system. FreeB is the sister project of ClearHealth. Commercial support is available through Uversa

This is the first release of the FreeB2 architecture. The FreeB2 system is re-written in PHP. It has a new web interface that allows you to edit all the claim data for each claim. It has a revision control system built in that records every change made to a claim. It uses the php Smarty library as a standard templating engine to handle format variations.

Soon FreeB will support X12 837i and 837d for intitutional and dental electronic billing. It will also soon support UB-92 and ADA paper formats.

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