OpenEMR adds UB-92 support

OpenEMR uses FreeB for electronic billing and SQL-Ledger for practice accounting. Recently Rod Roark of Sunset Systems has added UB-92 support to OpenEMR.

OpenEMR is a full featured electronic health record using the classic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture. OpenEMR performs well as an electronic health record across multiple platforms including Microdoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, Windows Windows XP, multiple distributions of Linux, and some installations of FreeBSD – OpenBSD.

OpenEMR features a front page summary screen that summarizes a patient health with a quick snapshot of medical problems, medications, allergies, surgeries, and immunizations. OpenEMR has a eletronic “fee-sheet” that is the last bastion form of the paper based office.

OpenEMR currently has estimated 1000 practice user base. This estimate is derived from download information from the main project web page. There are practices using OpenEMR in the United States (Multiple states), Australia, Sweden, and India.

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