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OpenEMR to be Used for Health Maintenance in Mumbai (Bombay)

Jain Suveinay and Dr. R. D. Lele of Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India are working on a project to use OpenEMR in a trial Health Maintenance Organization. Their plan is to deliver health care to include 100 doctors managing the health care of 50000 families (4 members per family) spread over a wide area network. The patient population lives in a slum area of Mumbai. Jain Suveinay: We will have a central server which will be accessed by the GP’s. Links to pharmacy and hospital will be also there. There is more information concerning this initiative at Health Maintenance in Mumbai

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OpenEMR HQ Announces OpenEMR Certification Program

Earlier today, in a weekly conference call with customers and consultants, OpenEMR HQ CEO Anthony Papillion formally announced the launch of the companies OpenEMR Certified Consultant and OpenEMR Gold Certified certification programs for individuals and companies wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of the OpenEMR medical records software product and offer their customers a guaranteed level of service.

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First screenshots from Project Phoenix posted today

OpenEMR HQ announced today that it has posted the first public screenshots of its upcoming software release called Phoenix to a special area of its website specially set up as a resource for those interested in the project. Read more after the break…
According to development lead Mishish Prahkah, Phoenix will be released simultaneously as both a Microsoft Windows based frontend to the popular OpenEMR software system and a standalone, open source, EMR package of its own. This, according to Prahkah, will allow OpenEMR HQ developers the freedom to try new ideas out in their own sandbox before pushing them out to the OpenEMR team (with which they will share code and ideas).

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OpenEMR HQ Announces OpenEMR for the iPhone

Oklahoma based OpenEMR HQ, Inc announced on Monday that it is working on porting the popular open source medical records software package to the iPhone and iPod Touch handheld devices. This marks the software vendors first major foray into the mobile device market and promises to help propel OpenEMR into entirely new markets by truly allowing healthcare professionals access and work with patient records from nearly anywhere on Earth.

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OpenEMR HQ Launches total EMR Solution

September 1, 2007 will see the official launch of OpenEMR HQ, a solutions provider offering several “enterprise level” EMR solutions to small to mid-sized clinics. The service will offer both hosted and on-site installations of the OpenEMR electronic medical records software package and a pre-configured, semi-managed appliance called “EMR-RACK” which promises to offer clinics an easy and affordable way to implement OpenEMR. They will also provide customization, development, installation, support, and training services to clinics worldwide.