OpenEMR to run Womens Health Services of Santa Fe

Womens Health Services of Santa Fe, New Mexico was recently awarded $70,000 in additional funding from the City of Santa Fe for their work providing health services to individuals in the the City of Santa Fe. Currently Women’s Health Services provides 7,000-10,000 clinic visits a year to this population. Women’s Health Services was selected by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office on Women’s Health to develop a National Community Center of Excellence in Women’s Health (Santa Fe CCOE) in 2001. Women’s Health Services have selected OpenEMR to handle their electronic health record needs.

A portion of the funding went to hardware to be used for electronical medical records. The Women’s Health Services has been running OpenEMR in a trial project with three physicians. Women’s Health Services is now ready to use OpenEMR in the main the clinic.

The main clinic includes 6 physicians. The Administrative director is Patrycia Sanchez and the Medical Director is Justina Trott, MD. As a free open source solution OpenEMR helps the Womens Health Services leverage their income from grants and donations. Free for download, OpenEMR provides a lot of functionality including the ability to track health care encounters to the indigent. Accounting is extensible through integration with SQL-Ledger.

Andres Paglayan, the IT director of Women’s Health Services, currently has 2 IBM series 230 Xeon servers, 6 tablet PCs, 4 desktop PCs, a terabyte raid upgrade, 10 LCD monitors, and miscellaneous keyboards, mice, and UPS units. To serve the electronic health record needs of Women’s Health Services.

Andres Paglayan has been active in the OpenEMR development community since January 2004. He has spent innumerable hours in the SourceForge OpenEMR community forums assisting new users to learn to install, troubleshoot and backup their installations. He currently serves on the board of directors of Open Source Medical Software which provides planning and guidance for the OpenEMR project.

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