Open Source Primer Makes Top 10

Signs that things are changing: The California Healthcare Foundation report ‘Open Source Software: A Primer for Health Care Leaders was its 3rd most popular report for 2006. Linux Medical News readers where alerted to this report at its inception. The complete top ten list is:

  1. The Guide to Medi-Cal Programs
  2. Snapshot: Health Care Costs 101
  3. Open Source Software: A Primer for Health Care Leaders
  4. Health Care in the Express Lane: The Emergence of Retail Clinics
  5. IT Tools for Chronic Disease Management: How Do They Measure Up?
  6. Medi-Cal Facts and Figures: A Look at California’s Medicaid Program
  7. Consumers in Health Care: Creating Decision-Support Tools That Work
  8. Guide to Health Programs in English
  9. The Medicare Drug Benefit: How Good Are the Options?
  10. Snapshot: Employer-Based Insurance: Coverage and Cost

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