MH: Oregon RHIO Planning Effort Comes to a Halt

Modern Health care is reporting that the Oregon RHIO planning has come to a halt: “The health plans were willing to pay, but the hospitals thought it was a more challenging venture,” Gibson said. The project did not get funded because “it lacked a sustainable business model. If you look carefully at his (Witter’s) business plan, sustainable operation was way off in the future. He just said in year five or beyond, there would be services that might be salable. You still had the first few years that might not be sustainable.”

Gibson also said that there were some concerns about what he called “adoption risk” with a system designed to find patient information using a record-locator service and a Web-based interface with participants’ IT systems.

“You’re asking doctors to break out of whatever work flow they’re in and going out to a Web site,” Gibson said. “You have a risk that doctors might not use it. Once everybody has an EMR and once that data comes automatically into an EMR, that�s different. But that�s not what we proposed.” This somewhat dated study has only 2 RHIO’s in the country actually working in a sustainable way.

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