OpenEMR HQ Announces OpenEMR for the iPhone

Oklahoma based OpenEMR HQ, Inc announced on Monday that it is working on porting the popular open source medical records software package to the iPhone and iPod Touch handheld devices. This marks the software vendors first major foray into the mobile device market and promises to help propel OpenEMR into entirely new markets by truly allowing healthcare professionals access and work with patient records from nearly anywhere on Earth.

OpenEMR HQ’s CEO, Anthony Papillion, said in a special webcast on Sunday that the software should be available for iPhone and iPod Touch by mid-July of this year with incremental upgrades delivered every six months. “I believe the iPhone represents an tremendous opportunity for innovative software developers to really add value to their clients enterprises. OpenEMR does that in the medical office; now, it will be able to do it from anywhere”.

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