GHIT: HIEs consider move to Mirth

Government Health IT is reporting what we are seeing on the ground, namely that Open Source looks like it is going to own the HIE space, particularly because of Mirth: ‘Mirth, an open source middleware solution, is gaining ground among health information exchanges. WebReach, a health information technology consultancy in Irvine, Calif., rolled out Mirth 1.0 as HL7-supporting messaging middleware in July 2006…HIEs using Mirth include HealthBridge in the metro Cincinnati area, an exchange in Tarrant County, Texas, and an exchange in Mendocino County, Calif. In addition, an HIE launching in Houston is evaluating Mirth, Teichrow said. He said other HIEs also may be using Mirthl, and noted that he is primarily familiar with those that purchase support from WebReach…’

Dr. iPhone, I presume? ZDNet covers ClearHealth on the iPhone

Dana Blankenhorn over at ZDNet interviewed myself and one of our customers regarding their use of ClearHealth on the iPhone. Let’s see how long it takes the proprietary guys to get in the game. See the article at We need to update our downloads in the forum with the latest release which should happen later this week. If you have AppTapp you can download the software from (iPhone Required):