OpenEMR HQ Announces ‘Plug and Play’ EMR Appliance

OpenEMR HQ announced on Thursday that it will begin offering a ‘plug and play’ EMR appliance as of July 14th, 2008. This last minute announcement came as the company also announced its plans to offer a native OpenEMR client for Microsoft Windows operating system on September, 15th, 2008.

OpenEMR HQ CEO, Anthony Papillion said that he feels it’s time that OpenEMR receive the corporate backed push it deserves within the market and that “the announcement of both the appliance and the Windows client is a natural evolutionary step in pushing the software forward”, He also said the company plans to contribute all the source code it’s developing for the Windows client back into the community.

“We believe these two upcoming products will present new and exciting opportunities for greater OpenEMR acceptance within local and state health agencies. We also believe the community is ready for OpenEMR to focus on a broader market than Linux only”, Papillion said in a staff meeting on Wednesday night.

OpenEMR is the primary software that OpenEMR bases its services on but the company also consults on its own open source PATTS system for group homes and the popular VistA EMR system developed by the Federal Government. Those interested in more information about either OpenEMR Client for Microsoft Windows or the OpenEMR Plug and Play Appliance can contact the company by phone at 918.919.4624 or by email at

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