PhoneReminder 1.0, appointment reminder software for OpenEMR, released

OpenEMR HQ, a small software startup in NE Oklahoma, announced the release of PhoneReminder for OpenEMR. PhoneReminder is add-in software to the OpenEMR medical records package that allows users to automatically notify patients by phone (voice or text message) of upcoming appointments.

The software includes delivery security and confirmation options that allow users to verify the recipients identity prior to delivering the message, confirm delivery to the recipient, and allow the recipient to record a voice note to be delivered to the provider after the call. The software focuses on security and does not release any confidential information during the call.

PhoneReminder is available directly from OpenEMR HQ at a cost of $275 and includes 1 year technical support and configuration/installation assistance.

More information can be obtained by calling the company offices at (918) 919-4624 or emailing

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