OpenEMR HQ Announces OpenEMR Certification Program

Earlier today, in a weekly conference call with customers and consultants, OpenEMR HQ CEO Anthony Papillion formally announced the launch of the companies OpenEMR Certified Consultant and OpenEMR Gold Certified certification programs for individuals and companies wishing to demonstrate their knowledge of the OpenEMR medical records software product and offer their customers a guaranteed level of service.

Papillion said the program has been in the works since July and is a response to the repeated complaints the company has been hearing about the wide variations in the quality of service being offered by several “OpenEMR Consultants”.

“As we deal with customers, we’re consistently hearing complaints about the service they’re receiving from some companies and individuals out there and it often leaves a sour taste in these customers mouths about OpenEMR.”, Papillion said during the announcement. “Our goal is to provide a way for customers to know with relative certainty that the consultant or company they choose can deliver on the promises of both technical acuity with OpenEMR and solid service after the sale”.

Papillion also announced that, effective January 15th, 2009, OpenEMR HQ will only contract with OpenEMR Certified Consultants when hiring remote consultants and contractors. The company said that, while this will reduce the number of consultants available to them, it will make it easier to quantify the expected quality of their work during a contract.

More information about the OpenEMR Certified Consultant program can be found here or by calling the companies offices at (918) 919-4624.

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