VistA electronic health record system : Filling the Skills-Gap

The Veterans Health Administration’s open-source electronic health record system VistA is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide healthcare information system that has been developed and used for the past 20 years by the Veterans Health Administration, the largest, centrally directed, healthcare system in the U.S. VistA has been deployed in about 1,500 care sites. More private-sector oriented, open-source versions such as WorldVistA and OpenVista, whose source code is freely availabe could be an effective and low-cost option for non-Veterans Affairs hospitals that are seeking to implement a complete hospital information system, but have been held back by the cost.

Open-source VistA can be customized for large hospitals as well as small medical practices, and can serve across the continuum of acute, ambulatory, and long-term care environments. Additionally it is suitable for use in multi-facility, multi-specialty healthcare organizations.

Billing components and other additional features can be added without restrictions to Open-source VistA.

NewCreationIT is attempting to address a major need for skilled techonolgy personnel who can customize, install, run and support Vista for small or large organizations. Its plans are to add web and mobile Add-ons to VistA.

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