PatientOS OpenEHR Demo @ HIMSS Virtual

PatientOS Inc. will be demonstrating with a live system which users can log into, the interoperability between two distinct systems using OpenEHR Archetypes.

We are going to have a live, hands on demo at the HIMSS Virtual Conference June 9-10 where in response to Tony Shannons call to action we will

1) Provide a live Physician Office environment
2) Provide a live Hospital environment
3) Demonstrate various workflows in both (office visit, hospital closed loop medication management)
4) Demonstrate a patient portal with a consolidated view of the two systems clinical data.

The goal is show how clinical data based upon archetypes can reside in 2 different systems, with 2 different GUI designs but with a common semantic context using OpenEHR.

PatientOS Inc. invites you to join us at HIMSS Virtual Conference & Expo, June 9-10.

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