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Besides my day job working on ClearHealth and FreeB I have decided to do something else to advance GPL software in medicine. I am happy to announce GPLMedicine.org I will be using this site to publish articles, letters and other information advocating the use of the GPL license in medicine. The first thing I am publishing there is the site credo, which argues that only the GNU General Public License should be used in medical software. I have attached this short paper to this post, read on for the full text. Regards, Fred Trotter
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Project Consoliation Results

Earlier, the ClearHealth Project released a consolidation proposal with the other PHP based EHR systems. The results in short: FreeMED said no, and OpenEMR said “lets see”. The openEMR community has decided to use the integration of the new FreeB codebase into openEMR as a test case to see if Uversa and the openEMR community can work together. As a result Uversa has put the standalone release of FreeB on the fasttrack, and we will be making an annoucement regarding its release soon.

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Press Release: ClearHealth Demo Available

Editor’s Note: Download available here, screenshots here, more technical information here. PHOENIX, A.Z. — May 16, 2005 — Uversa today announced the release of ClearHealth 1.0 Release Candidate 1 at the TEPR 2005 conference.
ClearHealth now brings to the medical market the first open source
package to include the big five features. Covering the five major area
of practice operations including scheduling, billing, EMR, HIPAA
Security and Medical Accounts Receivable it is suitable for running
practices from end to end.

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ClearHealth at TEPR May 16th

David Uhlman will be giving a brief presentation on ClearHealth at the TEPR Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software conference in Salt Lake City, Utah May 16th.

The presentation will be available online at the on the ClearHealth site and the Uversa site immediatly following the session. It will also be provided to all attendees on the conference CDROM.

As ClearHealth approaches its 1.0 RC1 release this presentation highlights the key areas of ClearHealth as the first open source suite to offer all of the big 5 capabilities, scheduling, billing, EMR, HIPAA security and accounts receivable in one package.

ClearHealth Forums Available

ClearHealth is a next generation practice management system and EMR. This php based system takes DNA from the FreeMED and OpenEMR projects. It is based on the Smarty templating engine. ClearHealth uses the FreeB2 medical billing engine and the source code is available for download here. The ClearHealth Project now has a discussion Forum. For the foreseeable future this will be used instead of a support mailing list. If you have any questions regarding the system, the project or the supporting company, feel free to ask here. Editor’s note: ClearHealth stable release is tentatively scheduled for Mid-May 2005.