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Call for Free/Open Source Deployment Count by November 5th

The un-official, Draft 7 of the upcoming American Medical Informatics Association Open Source
Working Group white paper to be voted on November 9th-11th can be found here. Again it will be voted on for ratification on November 9th-11th or so. Action is needed on your part to answer the question: If open source is so great why is no one using it? There is no aggregate data that I can find to counter this opinion. If you know of a Free/Open Source EHR/EMR deployment and could please send three pieces of information on each deployment that you have by Wednesday November 5th: General Location, software version and most importantly NUMBER OF PATIENTS IN SYSTEM. This paper could have national impact with this data. Please respond by email to ivaldes@hal-pc.org if you are able to obtain this data.

Presidential Politics: $50 Billion for What Health IT?

The Obama campaign is promising to spend $10 billion per year for 5 years to spur adoption of health information technology. However, they give no specifics as to what the money will be spent on. The McCain campaign has similar goals but similarly does not put forward any specifics or dollar amounts. In the absence of specifics other than spending $50 billion over 5 years, let’s analyze that $50 billion expenditure.

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HIMSS Response to H.R. 6898: Feds Out of HIT

Health Information and Management Systems Society HIMSS has presented their response to H.R. 6898 which favors open source software and Veterans Affairs VistA: ‘…The private sector makes significant investments in research and development for healthcare IT products. Healthcare IT is available via a competitive market in which vendors compete on the basis of price, quality, and functionality of a product. The development, routine updating, and provision of an open source “healthcare information system” is not the role of the federal government and such product development should remain in the private sector…’

Open Source Healthcare Leaders Organize Conference, Call for Papers

Healthcare’s leading Open Source companies are partnering to present the Third Annual Demonstrating Open-Source Healthcare Solutions (DOHCS) conference on February 20, 2009, at the Los Angeles Westin LAX. Through the combined efforts of ClearHealth, Medsphere (OpenVista), Akaza Research (OpenClinica) and WebReach (Mirth), DOHCS will complement the Southern California Linux Exposition (SCALE) held at the same location on February 21 and 22.

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7th National Medical Banking Institute National Call for White Papers

The editorial staff of the International Journal of Medical Banking is seeking white papers in the following areas: Open source healthcare programs linking banking and healthcare systems; Information privacy, confidentiality and security that focuses on cross-industry issues in banking and healthcare; Treasury and cash management programs targeting healthcare; Card-based platforms and technologies that link healthcare and banking platforms; Independent Health Record Banks; Consumer-driven healthcare technology tools that integrate with banking platforms; Point of service technologies that enable payment at the counter; Community coalition building.

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Fred Trotter: Health of the Source

Fred Trotter’s TEPR Health of the Source talk is here this is a must-read: “I pretty regularly give a talk entitled “The health of the source”. The subject of the talk is everything that has happened in health FOSS, since the last time I gave the talk. Thankfully things move along fast enough that I am never short of content. You will find this article dripping with useful bias and opinion. This is not merely a list of projects but also what I think of the projects. I might be omitting your favorite project intentionally, because I think it is irrelevant, OR out of ignorance, OR because I am limiting the scope. For instance this time I did not include much on clinical research (openclinica) or imaging, since my TEPR audience might not be interested in those.”

Open Source at the European Congress of Telepathology and Virtual Microscopy

The last week Toledo hosted the biennial 9th European Congress on Telepathology and 3rd International Congress on Virtual Microscopy, thanks to the excellent organization of Marcial Garcia Rojo (Hospital General de Ciudad Real, Spain), Gloria Bueno Garc�a (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) and Jose Sagristan and colleagues (Health Care Service of Castilla-La Mancha, SESCAM, Spain).

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Misys Health Connect Now on Sourceforge as ‘Braid’ Project

Misys has released Misys Health Connect on Sourceforge as the ‘Braid’ project. Ryan Bloom comments ‘…There are a couple of caveats. First, we know that not all of the unit tests pass, that is one of our first projects now that the code is out. Second, most of the development team is about to head to HIMSS, so we aren’t going to be quick to respond to questions until after we get back…’